10 Best Workout Songs

Jump into your jogging pants, pop on your trainers and get ready to do some exercise. We’re a nation of gym addicts, and after a hard day’s work, there’s nothing better than a good slog out with some weights or a run in the fresh air to blow away those cobwebs and get the endorphins flowing.

Julie Santos · 22nd August 2017

Here’s a selection of ten songs you might want to include on your playlist before your next workout:

1. Daft Punk: One More Time/Aerodynamic Mix


At just over six minutes long, this eclectic mix of fast beats and simple lyrics make it a great song whether you’re pounding the streets or lifting some serious weights in the gym.



2. Beyoncé: Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)


The perfect song for the treadmill and no workout playlist is complete without just a little Beyoncé to get things moving forward. The hypnotic repetition is great for any aerobic activity.


3. Modern Lovers: Roadrunner


Not all your playlist needs to be from the latest hits. This one dates way back to 1972 and is perfect for running with its simple beat and hippy lyrics.


4. Junior Senior: Move Your Feet


This 2003 revamp of the classic song is aptly named and will provide you with plenty of energy whether you’re running to your local shop or throwing some jumping jacks in the woods.


5. Violent Femmes: Kiss Off


If you like your music a little less pop and a bit more rustic, this song from Violent Femmes will get your blood flowing. Great guitar work and Dylan-esque vocals are probably all you need for that run.


6. Missy Elliott: Lose Control


If you’re pumping up the presses or looking to run a little quicker, there’s nothing like a bit of fast-paced hip hop to get you going. This track from Missy Elliott bangs away to a great rhythm and lets you lose control.


7. Elbow: Magnificent

For those who want something a little more ethereal for their workouts, anything from Elbow fits the bill, but we think this track really will send your next gym session to a higher level.


8. Travelling Wilburys: Maxine


Featuring Bob Dylan and George Harrison as well as Tom Petty, you can’t go wrong with this feel-good song for getting your legs moving if you’re feeling a little sluggish. Great guitar riff and vocals from some rock legends.


9. Transvision Vamp: Baby I Don’t Care


It’s got power and plenty of sass, this song from the late 80s was a big hit at the time but seems to have disappeared off the radar. It’s still one of the best workout sounds and a must for your playlist.


10. Billy Idol: Speed


Finally, you can’t have a workout playlist without some Billy Idol on it. This is one of his lesser-known tracks from the film of the same name and a perfect way to get going.



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