8 Best Headphones for Call Centre Workers

Call centre workers know their headset is the most valuable piece of equipment they use. With the majority of their working day spent on the phone in what can be a hectic and noisy environment, a high-quality headset makes all the difference, boosting productivity and improving the quality of service they deliver.

Julie Santos · 10th July 2017

Call centre workers know their headset is the most valuable piece of equipment they use. With the majority of their working day spent on the phone in what can be a hectic and noisy environment, a high-quality headset makes all the difference, boosting productivity and improving the quality of service they deliver.

When choosing headsets for your call centre team, a few features are essential. Your team will be using the headset for several hours so comfort is one of the biggest priorities, together with great audio quality to guarantee crystal clear conversations. For busier environments, noise cancelling features will help your team focus on the caller without distractions, whilst wireless technology will allow them to move around freely. Finally, as a call centre manager, you’ll want to know that your headsets will stand up to the rigours of the busy call centre – and on this point, buying quality really pays off.

Here we review eight of the best headsets for call centre workers, each offering exceptional durability, versatility and a host of other features to enhance your team’s performance.

Poly Blackwire C325 USB (£44 + VAT)

This entry-level model offers a host of advanced features for a highly competitive price. The corded headset incorporates Poly’s PC Wideband technology for improved speech clarity, a noise-cancelling microphone to improve call quality and hi-fi stereo sound, delivering a great audio experience.  The built-in Dynamic EQ feature works to optimise voice quality on-the-fly, while SoundGuard protects users from sudden loud noises. A great choice for call centres with a smaller budget, where users are unlikely to need a more flexible, wireless solution.

Jabra Evolve 40 Mono (£50.00 + VAT)

This high-quality, low-cost mono headset features an intuitive busy light which automatically turns on whilst users are handling a call. This allows others to see the user is busy and therefore avoids unnecessary interruptions. Users can also activate the busy light as a ‘DND’ warning to tell others they don’t want to be disturbed.

In addition to the handy busy light feature, the Jabra Evolve 40’s ear cushions provide passive noise cancellation. Simply wearing the headset blocks out background noise including, most importantly, the sound of other people speaking. A high-quality, low-cost option for busy environments where both noise and interruptions are likely.

Poly EncorePro HW530 (£75.20+VAT)

This over-the-ear headset is the lightest in its class and incorporates soft ear cushions, making it a great choice for prolonged wear without strain. It offers superior noise-cancelling for crisp, clear calls and an exceptional level of reliability for a great customer experience. Built in SoundGuard technology protects the user from ‘acoustic startle events’ that may be damaging, without impacting the call quality. The adjustable mic boom ensures that the headset fits perfectly to the size and shape of any user’s face for long-lasting comfort.

The HW530 also features QuickDisconnect, allowing the user to easily place a call on hold and walk away from the phone without needing to remove the headset. This feature is especially useful where calls can be complex and the assistance of colleagues or reference to support materials may be needed.

Poly EncorePro HW540 (£87.20 + VAT)

Although working as a team, your call centre workers are individuals and each will have their own preferences. This intuitive headset allows users to choose between three styles – over the ear, around the neck or over the head – for ultimate flexibility. The visible guidance allows users to see exactly when the boom is in the proper range for optimum mic positioning, ensuring consistent crisp audio quality. Built-in wideband audio, vibration traps and the noise-cancelling mic all contribute to a better standard of conversation with your customers.

The HW540 can be used with softphones, allowing you to combine voice and data to further improve customer relationships. It also comes with QuickDisconnect, so users can easily walk away from calls without taking their headset off.  This affordable ultra-light headset is perfect for the fast-paced environment and particularly suited where users manage multiple devices.

Jabra BIZ 2400 Mono II (£101.85 + VAT)

When it comes to call quality, Jabra have put everything into this corded professional headset, ensuring that both user and customer experience outstanding sound. The microphone boasts ultra noise-cancelling technology providing the most effective background noise elimination of any Jabra model. ‘Air Shock’ gets rid of the popping noises and breathing sounds that are common in call centre conversations – allowing both parties to focus completely on the call.

The Jabra Biz 2400 also excels in the comfort department, weighing 40% less than other competing headsets in its class and featuring super soft leatherette ear cushions and a leatherette headband.

This smart headset has been built to last – featuring an unbreakable boom arm that users can rotate 360° without worrying it might snap. The reinforced cord stands up to the usual hazards – sharp objects and office chair wheels, translating to reduced downtime and lower expense for you.

Sennheiser SC630 (£105.00 + VAT)

The Sennheiser name is synonymous with exacting standards of sound quality and these are reflected in the SC630 – a wired headset incorporating the best of their technology. Crisp voice clarity technology delivers a clear, natural sound experience, whilst the ultra noise-cancelling mic ensures background noise is eliminated from speech.

Every little detail – from the stainless steel hinges and reinforced cables to the brushed aluminium parts – shows just how much care Sennheiser have put into this model, guaranteeing an unparalleled level of durability. The generous leatherette ear-pads and unibody headband provide comfort, while Sennheiser’s Easy Disconnect feature offers ease of use particularly during shift changes.

Combining quality, simplicity and a very high level of durability, this model is a great choice for hectic call centre environments where managers need guaranteed, uninterrupted performance.

Logitech H820e Dual (£119.99 + VAT)

This smart headset has an impressive 300-foot range, allowing users to move freely around the office, liaising with co-workers and accessing resources. It provides up to 10 hours of talk time for uninterrupted use and the lightweight design with padded leatherette headband and ear pads ensures a comfortable experience. For busy environments, there’s an LED to tell others that the user is engaged – while a visual indicator alerts users to incoming calls. The H820e is the perfect choice if you need the flexibility of a wireless headset combined with high performance and exceptional quality.

Sennheiser DW10 Office (£203 + VAT)

Sennheiser’s DW10 Office headset is the premium choice for professional office environments. This single-sided wireless DECT headset offers crisp voice clarity and natural high-definition sound for improved conversations. The noise-cancelling microphone filters out background noise and ActiveGard technology protects users from sudden noises that might damage their hearing.

The headset delivers up to eight hours talk time in wideband or 12 hours in narrowband and can be recharged to 50% in just 20 minutes. Offering a choice of wearing styles, users can wear this headset as a headband, neckband or ear hook to suit their own preference.

If none of these meet all your headphone needs, don’t worry, we have plenty more models from all the top brands. Check out go2telecom’s full range of headphones for every budget over on our homepage.

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