Catchbox: The World’s First Throwable Microphone

We’ve all been there – a dull conference or meeting where people are either too afraid, un-engaged or just flat-out bored to participate in what’s going on.

Julie Santos · 26th June 2017

With Catchbox, your meetings, lectures and conferences emphasise participation, actively engaging attendees by involving them in the discussion, rather than keeping them passive spectators. It’s not only faster than passing around your typical handheld mic, it’s way more engaging and fun too!

What else does Catchbox offer? It’s a great icebreaker; a handy alternative to stuffy introductions that put participants on the spot. A lot of people can be nervous speaking in front of their peers. Catchbox helps to lighten the mood, makes participation more relaxed and means even the quietest attendees can get involved in discussions.

Designed without elaborate extras, its streamlined construction delivers powerful, effective communication. It’s a wireless microphone that you throw – what could be simpler than that? Free from downloads and over-complicated manuals, Catchbox is all about making things easier.

Made from a combination of hard-wearing foams and technical fabrics, Catchbox is exceptionally light and durable considering its size. Dropping and throwing the device won’t affect it, since all the hard electronic components are hidden inside, while its Automute technology eliminates unwanted noises caused by throwing and dropping the device, sensing Catchbox’s motion and temporarily turning off the audio when on the move.

Even with all the throwing around, there’s no compromise to its audio quality. The frequency response has been optimised for speech, while Catchbox’s unique design gets rid of handling noises – all you get is clear, optimum sound quality that ensures you and your voice are heard at all times.

Available in two designs to accommodate small meetings and large theatres of thousands, its specially-treated nano Teflon coating repels dirt and minimises stains, while the replaceable outer shell ensures long-lasting performance, session after session.

Locked in with a patent-pending magnetic mechanism that keeps the inner electronics securely in place even during the most spirited of discussions. A twist and pull motion opens up the insides, allowing you to replace its batteries simply and safely.

Plus, the soft foam cover can be customised to fit your brand, seamlessly integrating you, your event theme or any other graphics onto the four sides, increasing visibility whatever your needs may be.

Interested in getting to grips with the world’s first throwable microphone? Give go2telecom a call on 01925 768250 or send us an email at for more information about Catchbox!

Image credits: Catchbox

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