How a Strong Customer Service Team Can Build Your Brand

One of the first things that customers tend to complain about is the help and support they get from a company. Whether they’re not able to get through on the phone or are simply being sent in circles and passed from one operative to another, bad support can leave your average customer feeling frustrated, angry and ready to quit.

Julie Santos · 22nd August 2017

Customer service is important but it can also help build your brand and grow your customer base. As internet guru Seth Godin has said:

“Any customer that walks away, disrespected and defeated, represents tens of thousands of dollars out the door, in addition to the failure of a promise the brand made in the first place. You can’t see it but it’s happening, daily.”


It’s Not the Problem, It’s the Solution

Most customers understand that things can go wrong. It happens all the time with services and products. Your broadband speed slows up, the gadget you bought for the kitchen doesn’t seem to work properly or the service you thought you’d signed on for seems to be lacking a few important items.

While these problems are inconvenient, if customers can call your customer helpline and get the support they need, it can strengthen their attachment to your brand and make them more likely to stay with your service or buy your products in the future.

Here are the top four complaints that people have about customer help lines:

We’re All Social Now

In days gone by, if you had a bad customer service experience, you would sit around and moan to family and friends. The damage, though important, was fairly limited. Nowadays, people have smartphones and social media accounts and their ire can spread far beyond the normal close-knit relations. That’s why a lot of companies have social media management to help combat complaints online. It only takes a couple of people to share or retweet a complaint by one of your customers and your brand is already on the back foot.

Set Yourself Apart

Providing great customer service sets you apart from your competitors. It’s well worth investing in, even if you are a small or medium size company. Even though it seems a basic requirement, when we come across someone who is willing and eager to help, it’s a breath of fresh air. Good customer service can undoubtedly be memorable and can help spread the word that you’re a business people will want to deal with.

Every Customer Counts

That includes potential customers – especially those who you might think are unlikely to buy or take up your service. Treating everyone equally and giving them the best service you can, should be top of your list when setting up any help or advice line. Whether they’re picking up the phone, sending an email or contacting your business on social media, you need to respond quickly, professionally and personally.

Good Customer Service Creates a Buzz

That’s not just with your customers, who will no doubt be thrilled they are treated as an actual human being. Creating good customer service can also build and strengthen your brand with your own employees. If you work on a help line and are actually able to help people, that’s going to make you happy to work there.

Forget that customers are more likely to complain nowadays and their voices are much more likely to be heard if you don’t get things right. That’s not a reason for getting your act together on customer service. The main point you should take away from this article is that good customer service is not only achievable, it’s a great marketing tool. If you want to grow your brand and become a leader in your sector, it should be something that you are keen to develop and make the best that you can.

And, of course, having the right equipment always helps your customer service team operate at their best. To check out our full range of call centre and customer service team equipment, for every budget, head over to our homepage.

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