Yamaha brand Revolabs is dedicated to delivering a better communication experience for businesses. Its product catalogue includes conference phones, video conferencing solutions and microphone systems for telephony and unified communications. Revolabs is an innovative brand and was the first to offer wireless microphones for conferencing. Whilst most quality conferencing solutions offer a range of roughly 8 feet, the wireless microphone allows more flexible positioning and picks up a participant’s audio from wherever they are in the room, improving audio quality and giving them the freedom to move around. Revolabs’ conferencing products have been designed to meet the needs of different spaces – with smaller solutions for the executive office or small conference room and larger solutions for the board room, classroom, large conference room or auditorium. Each Revolabs conferencing solution benefits from exceptional audio quality ensuring intelligible speech for crisp, clear conversations. While many solutions cannot cope with multiple speakers, Revolabs conferencing products ensure every word is heard, even when more than one participant speaks at the same time. The company’s smart technology makes volume adjustments automatically behind the scenes, normalising soft or loud voices to an appropriate level for better understanding. At the top end of the Revolabs range, its FLX 2 system offers an exceptional range of high-performance features that should satisfy even the most demanding user. Cutting out all GSM noise from other wireless devices, the FLX 2 system delivers crystal clear audio so participants feel like they are together in the room. This cost effective high-end system supports both audio and video conferencing so less equipment is needed, keeping your costs down. For smaller organisations, Revolabs’ entry level model offers the same professional quality audio with outstanding call intelligibility thanks to the multiple in-built microphones. The solution is perfect for small conferences, webinars, softphone calls and IM applications with phenomenal quality of sound both ways. To discuss our Revolabs conferencing products or any other audio or video conferencing solution, email us on sales@go2telecom.co.uk for fast, friendly help.

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