Video conferencing is a highly efficient way to bring your company together and realise substantial productivity benefits. Traditional face-to-face meetings are costly both in terms of travel time and travel expenses. Meetings can be held up and more time wasted because of traffic or flight delays. Video conferencing allows you to meet anywhere, anytime for practically no cost. Because setting up a video conference is so easy, you’ll quickly find that video sessions replace the practice of making traditional phone calls. Seeing your team, face to face, offers huge benefits – around 55% of communication is nonverbal, made up of gestures, facial expressions, and posture, and with no visual cues it is easy to misinterpret what is being said. With your team members in front of you on the screen, you can read their body language and quickly understand whether they are happy or concerned with a particular scenario. Our range of video conferencing products includes conference cams, speakers, expansion mics and complete solutions from top brands in the market, such as Logitech and ClearOne. With our choice of products, you can not only set up a sizeable video conference in any room but you can also share the contents of your screen with delegates. We offer various products to meet the needs of small, medium and larger enterprises, with expert advice on hand from our friendly team. With a video conferencing product from the go2 telecom range, you’ll be able to set up a meeting at a moment’s notice wherever you are, with delegates joining the meeting on their own devices. Bringing your company together through video is an excellent way to motivate and foster a spirit of collaboration. Conferencing with suppliers or customers is also possible, giving you a better way to demonstrate your company’s products or services nationally or even internationally. For consultation, training or problem solving, there is no better solution to video – it allows you to see the instructor or technician and benefit from visual aids, without needing to pay for their travel expenses or time.

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