Plantronics is an industry leader in the headset market with products designed for business, unified communications, mobile, music and gaming. The company started in 1961 when two airline pilots - Courtney Graham and Keith Larkin – set out to invent a new type of headset that would replace the conventional models used in aviation. From those small beginnings, Plantronics grew to the multinational corporation that we know today. When Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon and spoke those unforgettable few words, he spoke through a Plantronics headset. Plantronics’ success has largely resulted from their approach to design. Its design team recognise the need to combine superior technology with a form that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear. This balance is achieved by a world-class design team under the watchful eye of their Vice President of Corporate Design, Darrin Caddes. Plantronics products have received countless international awards including the iF Design award, several Red Dot innovation awards, the Unified Communications Excellence Award and CES Innovation awards. This stream of accolades is likely to continue with the company’s commitment to pioneering new trends. Go2 telecom stocks a wide range of Plantronics products, including headsets, cables, spare ear cushions and batteries, handset lifters, charging cables, amplifiers, doublers, switchboxes, speakerphones and more. We offer the most popular Plantronics headsets with a price to suit all budgets, all at a discount on the RRP. Our Plantronics headsets offer the very best in tech, with the ability to manage multiple devices from a single headset, an impressive wireless range for uninhibited communication away from your desk, the ability to transfer a call to your mobile phone, a range of wearing styles to suit your personal preferences and the highest level of security including 64-bit encryption.

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