Founded by electrical engineer Professor Dr. Fritz Sennheiser in 1945, Sennheiser is a trend-setter in the audio marketplace. Its product catalogue includes superior headphones, microphones and audio solutions that are used across a range of industries, from music artists and DJs to pilots and scientists. Sennheiser strives to create the ultimate in sound quality and each of its products are designed to deliver the perfect audio experience. Go2 telecom stocks a comprehensive range of Sennheiser products including headsets, cables, switch boxes, speakerphones and training equipment. All items are priced below RRP with some substantial savings to be made. Our selection of Sennheiser headsets incorporate high-performance features designed to meet the needs of users working in a fast-paced and noisy environment. We offer headsets that can work seamlessly with your desk phone, softphone and Skype for Business, with effective built-in call handling that allows you to answer or end calls, mute or control the volume from anywhere in the office, freeing you from your desk. Other features include the ability to personalise and adjust your Sennheiser headset for complete comfort, together with fast recharge functionality giving you up to 50% charge in just 20 minutes. Every one of Sennheiser’s headsets has been designed to provide exceptional voice clarity. Its technology delivers a warm, natural sound that picks up on the tone of the caller’s voice for better understanding. Coupled with ultra-noise cancelling microphones which filter out background noise, you can enjoy crystal-clear conversations which translate to a better customer service experience. Sennheiser’s commitment to unrivalled audio quality is not just apparent from their headsets. The Sennheiser range of speakerphones deliver the same voice clarity that is essential to any conference situation. Sennheiser’s lightweight and highly portable speakerphones allow you to create an impromptu conference wherever you are, connecting participants on their mobile or softphone with ease. The go2 telecom team are ready to advise you on your choice of Sennheiser headset, speakerphone, cable or accessory – email us on for fast, friendly help.

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