Go hands-free and wireless with a Bluetooth headset. Our Bluetooth headsets effortlessly connect with desktop phones, PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets, so you can take calls from any source with one device. Bluetooth headsets give you the freedom to move around and multitask without the inconvenience of wires or handsets impeding you. They’re ideal for busy professionals, sales staff, call centres, and to use when on the move. Choose from monaural or binaural (one or two earphones) headsets, depending on your needs. Monaural allows you to listen to the caller while still being able to converse with colleagues, while binaural ensures total concentration on the call, with maximum clarity and focus. Our modern Bluetooth headsets are fitted with noise cancelling technology, sound clarity, and long battery life, to maximise productivity and concentration. We have Bluetooth headsets in varying prices to suit all budgets, from basic and efficient models, to cutting-edge technology that integrates your office communications seamlessly. The Sennheiser Presence is a premium mobile headset, with SpeakFocus and WindSafe technologies which make it ideal for use in almost any environment, from a noisy office to a busy high street. A more economical option is the Plantronics Explorer 50, which delivers crisp audio clarity during calls, and also allows you to listen to music and receive GPS directions while on the move. We also stock headsets which are designed to play music as well as answer calls, such as the Backbeat Fit, designed for fitness enthusiasts, and the Jabra Halo Fusion, which seamlessly switches between calls and music. Unsure which Bluetooth headset is right for you? Get in touch with our friendly customer service team today, who can talk you through the special features of each device and will be happy to help you choose the perfect Bluetooth headset.

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