Improve your gaming experience with our range of gaming equipment and accessories. Whether you’re playing on a PC, PS3, PS4, X Box 360, or any other gaming device, our range of headphones create a surround-sound effect for a truly immersive gaming experience. Our headsets bring the thrilling gaming world to life, with audio clarity like you’ve never heard from a game before. So whether you’re into eSports of MMO, you’ll find a headset designed with you in mind. Gaming headsets differ from standard headphones in several ways. Their lightweight design and comfortable ear cushioning let you play for longer without discomfort. You can also enjoy multicolour LED lighting to sync with your gaming setup, and multi-system compatibility if you like to play across several gaming consoles. Some of our gaming headphones come with inbuilt microphones for full voice chat functionality, which enable you to speak with and hear your fellow gamers more clearly than ever before. You’ll also enjoy the noise-cancelling features on some of our headsets, which enable you to fully immerse yourself in the action for total focus and gaming pleasure. Work together, give instructions, and have more fun with your friends. Aside from gaming, these headsets can be used to listen to music, to take phone calls, and to watch videos and TV. We stock leading brands like Platronics, Sony, Pioneer and Jabra, so you can be sure that your gaming headphones will provide the best possible quality and clarity. Complete your perfect gaming setup, whether you’re gaming from home or on the go. If you’re unsure which gaming headset will best suit your needs, why not call our friendly customer service team, who will be happy to assist you. They know all of our products inside out, and will be able to advise you based on which console you use, how often, and what games you play.

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