Helping to make travelling from A to B more enjoyable, rewarding and simpler, our range of travel telecoms products are designed for long and short journeys alike. From high-quality, headphones which will help you block external noises during a busy flight, to portable sat navs, ensuring you never take a wrong turn – our travel range of products includes everything you need to get from A to B. For many of us, the only way to get through a long flight, bus or train journey is by plugging in headphones and listening to some great tracks. This is why we’ve stocked our travel section full of great headphones from trusted brands. With models from Jabra and Plantronics, our headphones are guaranteed to ensure you can zone out from the surrounding distractions, listen to some great tunes and watch the world whizz on by. Snugly sitting in-ear or perched securely over ear, our range of travel headphones can be worn comfortably for hours on end – great for those long-haul flights and motorway-stretching coach journeys. All offering the highest level of audio quality, you’ll never miss a beat of your favourite tracks with our headphone range. Complementing the headphones is a series of incredibly practical and useful in-car devices, including satellite navigation systems, dash cams and jump leads – all designed to take the stress out of driving. Our up-to-date sat navs will guarantee you’re on the right track, whilst our jump leads will ensure you’re never caught without power again. And finally, our dash cams are growing in popularity. Not only can they protect you against potential false insurance claims from other parties – but can also actually lower your own insurance premiums. Sitting neatly on the dashboard, your dash cam could help save you huge sums of money in the immediate and long term.

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