Considering its many attributes, you might think the Blackwire 3300 Series is out of reach. Here’s the good news. Blackwire 3300 Series delivers the best value in its category and makes enterprise deployment affordable.


Workers instinctively know how to use Blackwire 3300 Series. It’s UC corded—for plug-n-play simplicity. And its robust design extend to the headset itself, because Poly reliability is a given. As an added bonus, Blackwire 3315/3325 models include leatherette ear cushions, a travel pouch and a 3.5 mm connector for mobile or tablet use.


Mono or stereo, USB-A or USB-C, with or without 3.5mm mobile solution.


Instantly launch Microsoft Teams with a dedicated button for the quickest communications. Users benefit from the known quality experience of Poly UC headsets—the perfect communications solution for easy Microsoft Teams collaboration, conferencing and notifications.


Teams, Skype, Zoom, Cisco, Google Cloud, Mitel, Ribbon, AVAYA, Alcatel-Lucent and AWS.


3315 and 3325 models enable the headset to be unplugged from the remote unit.

213928-01 – 3310, USB A (Monaural)
213929-01 – 3310, USB C (Monaural)
213936-01 – 3315, USB A (Monaural)
213937-01 – 3315, USB C (Monaural)
213934-01 – 3320, USB A (Stereo)
213935-01 – 3320, USB C (Stereo)
213938-01 – 3325, USB A (Stereo)
213939-01 – 3325, USB C (Stereo)
212703-01 – 3310, MS Teams, USB A (Monaural)
214011-01 – 3310, MS Teams, USB C (Monaural)
214012-01 – 3320, MS Teams, USB A (Stereo)
214013-01 – 3320, MS Teams, USB C (Stereo)
214014-01 – 3315, MS Teams, USB A (Monaural)
214015-01 – 3315, MS Teams, USB C (Monaural)
214016-01 – 3325, MS Teams, USB A (Stereo)
214017-01 – 3325, MS Teams, USB C (Stereo)

  • Connections:

    PC via USB/USB-C, connects to mobile devices and tablets via 3.5 mm (BW3315/BW3325) and devices that support USB-C.

    Works with Windows or macOS.

  • Audio:

    Dynamic EQ optimized for PC wideband voice telephony up to 6.8kHz or for multimedia 20Hz to 20KHz (Hi-Fi Stereo BW3320/BW3325).

    SoundGuard: Acoustic limiting for protection against sounds above 118 dBA. G616 support limits the level to 102 dBSPL

  • Microphone:

    Flexible noise canceling microphone

    100Hz to 10kHz optimized for PC wideband audio up to 6.8kHz

  • Remote control:

    Call answer/ignore/end/hold, redial, mute, volume +/-

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