The modern workplace isn’t confined to one space. Whether you work individually and remotely or you’re in a more traditional office environment with conference rooms at your disposal, the Calisto Series has something to meet your needs. Offering exceptional audio, the Calisto Series provides rich sound, echo cancellation and 360-degree microphones (with 4 directional mics on the larger Calisto 7200 model) so that you can be heard in crystal clarity, from up to 3metres away. The soft carry case and slimline design mean taking your speakerphone with you is simple and the plug-in-and-play functionality gives you the peace of mind to do so. With models that cater to 3mm, USB or Bluetooth connectivity, the Calisto’s straightforward functionality is ready right out of the box and, thanks to the simple controls and visual indicators, its use is intuitive and hassle-free. Easily turn any room into a conference room with the Calisto series.

  • Technology:

    3.55mm, USB and Bluetooth technology make setup a breeze

  • Audio:

    Directional microphones 360-degree room coverage and rich audio for crystal clear conference calls

  • Design:

    Compact design makes this the perfect speakerphone for active professionals

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