Great call.

Outstanding outcomes require outstanding call performance, and seamless, professional audio makes all the difference. We took the incredible call performance of our world‐leading Evolve Series and we made it even better, building in three strategically placed powerful professional microphones and adding our advanced digital chipset and latest signal processing technology. The result is outstanding call quality, every time.

It’s not just a great call. It’s the new standard of great calls.


26599-989-999 – Link380a UC Stereo Black
26599-989-998 – Link380a UC Stereo Beige
26599-989-899 – Link380c UC Stereo Black
26599-989-898 – Link380c UC Stereo Beige
26599-999-999 – Link380a MS Stereo Black
26599-999-998 – Link380a MS Stereo Beige
26599-999-899 – Link380c MS Stereo Black
26599-999-898 – Link380c MS Stereo Beige


26599-889-999 – Link380a UC Mono Black
26599-889-998 – Link380a UC Mono Beige
26599-889-898 – Link380c UC Mono Beige
26599-889-899 – Link380c UC Mono Black
26599-899-999 – Link380a MS Mono Black
26599-899-998 – Link380a MS Mono Beige
26599-899-899 – Link380c MS Mono Black
26599-899-898 – Link380c MS Mono Beige

Desk stands are also available.

  • Battery:

    Full charge: 37 hours battery life in 2 hours 20 minutes
    Fast charge: 8 hours battery life in 15 minutes

  • Audio:

    3-microphone technology for outstanding call performance
    Instant noise isolation for improved focus in noisy surroundings
    Quickly access your voice assistant with just the touch of a button
    Powerful 40mm speakers deliver richer sound for a more immersive audio experience
    Additional features available via Jabra Sound+ app, Jabra Xpress and Jabra Direct

  • Ease of use:

    360° busylight on both earcups is visible from all angles, acting as a do-not-disturb sign and protecting your focus
    Easy charging and docking with the optional charging stand
    Move boom arm up to mute or down to unmute or answer call
    Answer/reject calls; increase/decrease speaker volume; mute

  • Variants:

    Choose from UC or MS Teams variants
    Available in black and beige
    Available in stereo and mono variants

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