Cut out office distractions and focus on the day ahead; the MB 660 UC MS from Sennheiser delivers optimal performance and clarity wherever you’re working. SpeakFocus™ makes crucial talk crystal clear even in the noisiest offices, while WindSafe™ keeps wind turbulence at bay if you need to take things outside.

With music and entertainment streaming capabilities in between calls, TalkThrough tech allows you to hear colleagues and announcements without headset removal, while the Advanced Own-Voice-Detector keeps your voice at the forefront of the call at all times. With a discreet, foldable design for easy transport when you’re on the move and soft leather ear cups for added comfort from the first call to the last, the MB 660 UC MS has form and function in abundance.

  • Design

    Sleek, polished looks with long-term comfort that fits everyone

  • Audio

    Superb indoor and outdoor clarity with consistent quality no matter the background noise

  • Technology

    NoiseGard, Speakfocus and Windsafe combine for optimal performance

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