The EagleEye producer has arrived to change the way you handle your video conference calls. When it’s used with the EagleEye camera, your video options to enhance collaboration are vast. Utilising the latest in facial recognition and tracking capabilities, the Producer and EagleEye will scan the room and seamlessly utilise pan, tilt and zoom technologies to ensure that the active speaker is always centre screen. And, as a new speaker takes the floor, the Producer will effortlessly choose the right camera angle to capture them and then zoom in to highlight every expression – it’s as if you’re with them in the room. This forward-thinking tech doesn’t end there. With the EagleEye Producer, it’s possible to download powerful analytics (such as Call Detail Records and RealPresence Resource Manager) which can be used to measure the ROI of video collaboration so that you know exactly how productive your conferences are. The Producer works with a wide range of in-room video collaboration solutions, as well as the complete range of EagleEye cameras.

  • Design:

    Sleek, stylish design ideal for a variety of different-sized meeting rooms

  • Compatible with:

    Poly EagleEye I, II, III and Poly EagleEye IV

  • Technology:

    Supports face tracking up to 6 metres

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