Buyback Scheme

Get money for your old telecoms kit with our Buyback Scheme

For your business to continue working at its best, you need to upgrade your telecommunications hardware often, particularly if your people rely on headsets, handsets and conferencing equipment day-to-day. Replacing tired kit can be costly, but with our Buyback Scheme, you can budget to fund replacements and get the hardware you need.

When you’re ready to upgrade your telecoms kit, we’ll give you money for your old equipment and take it off your hands. Not only does this help towards the cost of upgrading, it also means you don’t have to worry about disposing of old equipment – which, itself, can prove a costly overhead that takes up your valuable time.

With no limits on the amount you can sell back to us, you stand to get a good deal on new kit, provided the equipment you’re selling is of reasonable health and standard. If you’re interested in selling old telecoms hardware back to us, get in touch today and we’ll prepare a quote for you.

Find out more about how our Buyback Scheme works below.

How it Works

Money back for your old kit is great news for companies who regularly need to upgrade their company hardware. From handsets to headsets, we’ll buy back your old equipment to help you budget for new. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get in touch – Give us a call and we’ll prepare a quote based on the amount of equipment you’re selling, the make and model information, and the overall condition.
  2. Send your kit – When we’ve reached an agreement, you send us your old kit for testing.
  3. We test it – To check your old equipment is as described and in good working order, we’ll test it and get in touch if there are any problems.
  4. We buy it – Once we’ve agreed a deal with you, we’ll give you cash for your kit that can be put towards upgrades.

Buyback Scheme FAQs

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