Headset, Handset and Conferencing Refresh

Keep your business fresh with complete cleanliness and hygiene support

In a busy working environment, cleanliness is everything. Your people work hard to make business happen every day, so it’s vital that you keep their hardware in a clean bill of health.

As part of our Total Managed Care solution, we’ll refresh your headsets, handsets and conferencing equipment to maintain hygiene standards – so you can focus on the things that matter. Germs and bacteria spread quickly in an office environment, so a hygiene refresh is essential in keeping things clean and working as they should.

Using the latest tools and methods, our team can provide hygiene assistance that will cause minimal disruption to your day-to-day. Combined with Tagging, which affords seamless equipment auditing across your operation, and you can easily stay abreast of the cleanliness and condition of company hardware – for everyday peace of mind.

Find out more below.

How it works

In four simple steps, we’ll inspect and refresh your conferencing and telephony hardware, so your team can work at its best with clean and reliable equipment.

  • 01.Free Collection

    We will come to site and collect the faulty items for free via our carrier. Simply complete the service form and package securely then e-mail us the collection details and date that suit you.

  • 02.Testing

    Using the latest diagnostic software, we will check your equipment to troubleshoot the fault then send across a breakdown prior to work being carried out.

  • 03.Refresh

    Our expert service team will fix the fault if they can as well as hygienically clean and package for its safe return to you.

  • 04.We'll Return

    We will then return your fixed looking like new equipment back to you via our secure carrier.

What to Expect

Collection and Shipping

We work with you to find the best solution

Step 1

We learn about your business and your future plans

Step 2

We figure out the specific office solution you need

Step 3

We work with the best partners to put it all in place

Step 4

Your team and your business get even more effective

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