On Site Audits & Refresh Service

Convenient tech auditing and maintenance when you need it most

Convenient and effective auditing and maintenance when you need it most 

For businesses that rely on headsets, telephone and conferencing equipment every day, faults and loss of hardware can cause unwanted disruption to your operation. If you use a lot of headsets and handsets, it is vital that these are kept in good working order to ensure your team can do their job and deliver the service your customers expect. 

At go2, we offer on-site support to businesses that have invested a lot in their telephony and conferencing equipment. We will come to site and organise auditing your hardware on your behalf, with our clever personal identity tagging system before giving the hardware a complete hygiene refresh. 

Perfect for large offices and call centres, our on-site auditing and telephony support service takes the hassle out of managing and maintaining your equipment – so you can focus on the things that really matter. Find out more about our on-site refresh service below.

How it works

Keeping tabs on your headsets, handsets and conferencing equipment can be challenging. Not so with go2, our specialist auditing team being on-site will support making future managing of hardware simple – here’s how it works:

  • 01.We Visit

    We will arrange a convenient time and date to visit your workplace to perform a full telephony hardware audit and refresh. After prior agreed action plan

  • 02.We Audit

    With our handy headset tagging service, you can allocate hardware to individuals or locations within your site, helping to stay abreast of your equipment and log important information about each device – meaning no more loss or warranty expiration.

  • 03.We Refresh

    Our experienced service team will give your hardware a hygiene clean, refreshing headsets and handsets to ensure they are kept in perfect working order.

  • 04.No Disruptions

    Because you do have to send equipment away for this to be implemented, our on-site auditing service means no disruptions to your day-to-day operation.

On-Site Audits and Refresh Service FAQs

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