Product Identity Tagging

Keep costs down with smart headset tagging

Better ROI with smart headset tagging 

Headsets are an integral part of your business, allowing your people to deliver the service your customers expect. But they’re also expensive to replace, and in a busy working environment can go missing easily. That’s where go2’s smart tagging technology comes in. 

Headset Tagging is a way to help reduce loss and damage of headsets. Using the latest technology, our headset tags make it possible to track, monitor and organise your company’s telephony equipment, so you can save time and money while budgeting for future hardware and keeping tabs on warranty renewal dates. 

Each tag is made from durable, lightweight plastic, so it won’t interfere with the functionality of the headset or be uncomfortable for the wearer. This simple addition means you can track the equipment in your business and log when each set has been serviced, refreshed or warranty replaced – for complete peace of mind and a longer equipment lifespan. 

Find out more about Headset Tagging and our Total Managed Care solutions below.

How it works

Product Identity Tagging is the next step in auditing and monitoring for telephony hardware, giving you a complete overview of your equipment and its condition. Find out how it works, below.

  • 01.We'll Tag

    We’ll add our innovative headset tags to your new and existing hardware and assign each piece of equipment with a unique sequential identifier.

  • 02.You Track

    Real-time monitoring of assigned equipment makes it a breeze to stay on top of your telephony and conferencing equipment.

  • 03.You Audit

    With simple Excel spreadsheet auditing, you can record essential information about each piece of equipment, to keep on track of servicing, warranties and future planning helping to reduce replacement overheads.

  • 04.We Re-Tag

    Whenever you update your hardware or request a replacement, we’ll re-tag the new items so you can always stay on top of your equipment manifest.

Product Identity Tagging FAQs

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