Warranty Management

Streamline equipment audits and never miss a warranty period again

Streamline equipment audits and never miss a warranty period again 

No matter how durable and reliable, all hardware has an operating shelf life – particularly when it’s used in a busy working environment. There comes a time when all ageing equipment will need replacing to ensure your business can continue operating efficiently, which is why effective warranty management is a crucial factor in the life cycle of your office hardware. 

At go2 telecom, we want to make it easier for you to manage product warranties. With a business to run, this is one piece of admin many businesses could do without. But with our help, you can oversee warranty expiration dates for all your hardware, and we’ll even arrange replacements should any equipment develop a fault during the warranty period. 

Effective warranty management means one less thing to worry about when managing your day-to-day. We act as a middleman between you and equipment manufacturers, making sure you always have hard-working and reliable equipment to hand. 

Find out more about our warranty management below. 

Warranty Management Made Easy

Right now, you probably don’t know what equipment is still under warranty in your office and what isn’t. That means if something went wrong and couldn’t be repaired, you’d be liable to pay for a replacement. Multiply that by the scale of your office, and you could face a considerable and unexpected overhead. 

With go2 telecom, we make managing your hardware warranties simple. Product Identity Tagging is the perfect solution when it comes to keeping track of warranty expiry dates across all our telephony and conferencing devices, allowing you to keep a record of all equipment warranty periods in one place. 

Combine this with our intermediary warranty management offering, and you’ll never have to worry about being left out of pocket by faulty equipment again. Giving your business the best return on all hardware investments.

Warranty Management FAQs

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