British Telecom is a communication services company and a well-known brand both to individuals and businesses. Despite its name, British Telecom provides services to more than 170 countries across the globe, employing around 88,000 people with the majority based in the UK. BT’s product catalogue includes a wide range of voice and data solutions and services for businesses. Its telephony solutions give customers the choice of cloud-based VoIP or an on-premises phone system, each offering a different range of benefits. Many businesses are now choosing VoIP technology which allows the conversion of voice calls into data packages that are sent securely over the web, for little or no cost. VoIP systems are a great choice for many types of business, providing real flexibility and a wealth of productivity-enhancing functions. However, they are dependent on having an internet connection that is reasonably fast and reliable. For businesses who are still stuck with a slow connection, it makes sense to upgrade or change provider if possible, to take advantage of VoIP benefits and cost savings. For those businesses who are located in an area where fast or reliable internet is not yet a possibility, one of BT’s on-premise phone systems may be a better solution. With an on-premise system, you pay one cost up front, rather than a monthly payment – and the only additional costs will be maintenance and any upgrades you need. In addition to their phone systems, BT also offer a range of analogue phones which incorporate useful features to support your communications. We also stock BT accessories to help you customise your communications set up for your business needs. If you would like advice about any of our BT products or you are unsure which type of telecoms solution would be best for your business, email us on for fast, friendly help.

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