Even in today’s fast-paced digital world, both home and business users still have a need for analogue phones. Our range of analogue telephones includes a selection from BT’s Converse range, each with many useful features for simple communications. The top-end model is wall-mountable and includes name and number directories, one touch memory buttons for fast dialling, a call log allowing you to view missed or recent calls, a socket to connect a headset for hands-free operation and a built-in microphone and loudspeaker. You also have the ability to redial the last 10 numbers and boost the volume straight to the max if needed. The more basic model has simpler features, but can still be used with a headset, and features earpiece volume control. All models incorporate an inductive coupler making them hearing aid compatible. We also offer GPO’s stylish retro analogue phones in a choice of colours which look and feel like a traditional 1970s telephone. To make a call using one of these classic phones, you’ll need to use the traditional dial – and when receiving a call, you’ll hear the authentic telephone ring. However, despite their timeless appearance and original features, these phones can be used with modern applications such as telephone banking. They are great for adding a touch of nostalgia to the home where more advanced telephone features are not required. In addition to our range of basic analogue phones, we also offer analogue conference phones, providing an easy-to-use solution that allows you to hold impromptu meetings at the touch of a button. Analogue conference phones are perfect for small and mid-sized businesses looking to improve their communications while keeping their costs to a minimum. If you’re buying analogue phones for the office, it’s important to know whether a particular analogue phone will be compatible with your communications system. On certain systems, you may need to purchase an adapter for the phone to work. For advice on any of our analogue products, email us on sales@go2telecom.co.uk for fast, friendly help.

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