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EPOS develops premium solutions that deliver excellent audio and video experiences so individuals and teams can reach their goals and perform better


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About EPOS

EPOS "empowers businesses around the world to better communicate and collaborate - anytime, anywhere and on any device."

The company aims to leverage the most advanced collaborative and audio technology to create powerful solutions. With headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, EPOS has over 115 years of experience shaping the digital audio landscape.

EPOS is established on the successful former collaboration between Sennheiser and Demant Group. Today, EPOS works towards continuously improving and advancing the capabilities of its audio and video equipment to empower connections across the globe

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Jane Craven
The enriched 20-year partnership between EPOS and Go2 Telecom and our success derives from good communication, teamwork and the passion to provide audio and video solutions to our customers with the highest level of service, support and aftercare.

Jane Craven

, Sales Director at Epos

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