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Yealink offers pioneering video, voice, and conference solutions that shape the hybrid working landscape.


Video, Voice and Conferencing

About Yealink

Yealink refines the art of conversation through best-in-class video, voice, and conferencing solutions that embrace the future of collaboration and productivity.

Yealink aims to create value in network communication and allow people to enjoy the experience of remote communication. Through its innovations and user-friendly experiences, Yealink has achieved rank No. 1 in the global market share of IP Phones. It's also a Top 5 leader in the video conferencing market.

Spearheading the unified communications market, Yealink continues to evolve its offering, seeking new ways to integrate data, voice, and video sharing with modern business operations. We stock Yealink's leading products, including smart room devices, headsets, and webcams, and solutions for Microsoft, Zoom, and RingCentral.

Yealink products

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Chris Godsalve
Yealink highly value the partnership that we have with Go2 Telecom because they offer a significant amount of value to the end user by delivering a consultative based approach and taking the time to understand the customers needs. They are a Gold Level Yealink partner and have shown an aptitude to deliver the best Audio & Video endpoint solutions across our eco-system to businesses across the UK and beyond.

Chris Godsalve

, Country Manager UK&I at Yealink

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