Repair and Refurbish Service

Are you guilty of discarding broken or old telecoms kit?

Just because your desk phone or conference phone is a little crackly, doesn't mean we can't see if it's repairable or not for you. Should you have headsets on site, we can also check to see if any of them are in warranty or not. This will save you time and energy to get on with your own workload!

Hygiene Programme

Did you know that your average telephone handset harbours twice as many germs as a toilet seat?

Only regular cleaning of your headsets and handsets will keep germs and harmful bugs at bay and meet current health and safety guidelines. We can supply handy antibacterial wipes to keep at your desk so that cleaning your handset and headset becomes a regular habit.

Headset Tagging

Our tagging service for headsets will help you manage all of your office headsets as well as reducing loss and damage. With the aid of a simple Excel spreadsheet, you'll be able to easily monitor and organise a health and safety hygiene programmes with the minimum of fuss.

We can assist with the initial implementation of this system and provide onsite support to audit and tag your existing equipment. 

We can advise you on the ongoing auditing process and we'll even manage all faulty or warranty equipment with re-tagging as needed.

Alongside our Repair and Refurbish service (see below), we can also manage all manufacturer warranty replacements for you. Depending on the manufacturer, replacement headsets usually take between 10-14 days - customers on Maintenance Contracts will have a 24-hour turnaround on all warranty products. Carriage on return of warranty products is chargeable - get in touch with our friendly sales team to find out more.

Repair and Refurbish Service

We can repair and refresh your existing office headphones and telephones. We’ll even pick up your old or faulty kit from your site.

Whether you’re looking to refresh and prolong the life of your office equipment or you’re preparing for new starters, the go2 service team will test, clean and refresh your handsets and headsets before returning them to you.

We can also help asset manage your equipment.

Give us a call on 01925 768 250 or email to discuss with a member of our friendly team. Or fill in the form below and we'll get back to you!

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