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Logitech is a global leader designing products and experiences that connect people to the digital world around them.



Computer Peripherals & Software

About Logitech

A Swiss-based, internationally recognised company that specialises in devices for communication and collaboration

Logitech strives to create products that “have an everyday place in peoples’ lives” and, in doing so, make the ways people connect and interact in the digital world more pleasant and exciting. The brand has been responsible for landmark industry firsts, including the infrared cordless mouse, the thumb-operated trackball, and the laser mouse.

Logitech’s headquarters is in Lausanne, Switzerland, but over the past 40 years, its success has enabled it to expand into Silicon Valley. Popular Logitech telecommunications products include webcams, video conferencing, headsets, and peripherals.

Logitech products

Popular Logitech products

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