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Case Study

Make Hybrid Meeting Simple and Professional with Yealink

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With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, a significant portion of the university staff had to transition to remote work. This prompted the rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams as a platform for video conferencing, collaborative work, and virtual teaching. In 2021, the university introduced a "Hybrid working scheme" to support staff members as they transitioned out of the pandemic, enabling new ways of working.




Kent, United Kingdom


The Client

About The University of Kent

The University of Kent, established in 1965, is in Kent, England, with two main campuses in Canterbury and Medway. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research programs.

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The Challenge

A significant portion of the university staff had to transition to remote work.

As staff gradually returned to the campus, it became essential to establish a system that facilitated both remote and on-campus work. As face-to-face meetings resumed, the university needed to incorporate online participation through Hybrid Meetings and associated technologies.

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The Solution

Through the project led by the Learning Spaces Technology (LST) team, it became clear that Microsoft Teams rooms were the ideal direction to meet the university's requirements.

Yealink emerged as a standout solution provider, offering well-designed solutions with tidy cabling and cost-effectiveness. Yealink showcased positive innovation in the field and provided exceptional sales support, even assisting with the implementation of technology that was not commonly available in the market at that time. The university primarily utilized Yealink's MVC400, 860, and 960 solutions, which have received positive feedback from users in meeting environments.


Staff Meeting Rooms, University of Kent, Canterbury Campus

"Yealink stands out as a provider of Microsoft Teams Room (MTR)solutions by offering compact, well-designed, and cost-effective MTR solutions with efficient cabling. Yealink is actively innovating in the hybrid meeting space and provides excellent support".

Daimon Beail, Learning SpacesTechnology Lead, University of Kent

The Results

The results speak for themselves

Yealink’s large room solution fits perfectly into the Staff Meeting Rooms in the campus where daily meetings happen. The UVC86 camera covers all blind spots so that everyone can see and be seen clearly. With its advanced AI features and tidy cabling, this cutting-edge solution not only enhances the efficiency of everyday meetings but also fosters heightened engagement and improved interaction among all participants during video conferencing.

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