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Case Study

UK Department for Work & Pensions Reduces Travel Costs with Logitech Video Conferencing.

By upgrading from an inadequate legacy system to the Logitech Rally and MeetUp conference cams with Skype Room Systems in over 280 rooms across the UK, the department is saving time on unnecessary travel, improving collaboration and reducing its carbon footprint.




London, United Kingdom


The Client

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is the British government’s department responsible for welfare, pensions, and child maintenance policy. DWP is the UK's largest governmental department, and it employs around 90,000 people in over 800 offices across the UK.

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The Challenge

Migrating legacy video conferencing solution, reaching end-of-life because it didn't integrate into our core Office 365 technology.

We previously had a Legacy video conferencing solution, it was reaching end-of-life it didn't integrate into our core office 365 technology. The equipment was poor and old it was hard to use. You had to book a room and then he had to give someone a call to book the equipment what we needed was a service that was modern and available from your desktop.

Our aim is to make people choose video first not jump in the car and go through another site the way that we want to do that is to make sure that people realize it's a reliable high quality product that they can use as an alternative.

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The Solution

We looked at various offerings and pieces of hardware Logitech came out as the winner. They gave us the quality and reliability that we were looking for and they were competitively priced.

DWP was really looking for their users to have a very simple experience. They needed to be able to manage their own bookings so book the room start their own meeting and close their own meeting and Logitech was able to do that with a conference camera and Microsoft software.

It wasn't a one-size-fits-all solution so what we don't want is a room with 20 people and putting the same equipment in as a room for 4 people because that just wouldn't be cost-effective. In the small rooms, we put our huddle room camera for the Logitech meetup, in the medium rooms we had a Logitech rally, and in the large rooms, we had rally plus.


Upgrading from an inadequate legacy system to the Logitech Rally and MeetUp conference cams with Skype Room Systems.

"The initial feedback has been tremendous which gives us a really good feeling going forward that we can scale out and use more of this technology as time goes on".

The Results

The results speak for themselves

People are walking into rooms and saying this works, it's very satisfying we can be proud that we've actually delivered something ourselves without needing to rely on a third-party supplier. This initiative is really advantageous to both the taxpayer and the environment fills me with pride that we've managed to deliver something so significant.

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