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Case Study

Encorepro delivers crystal-clear calls and noise cancelling in university of Liverpool

Uni of liverpool

The University of Liverpool prepares itself well ahead of this annual clearing process ensuring the work environment, staff, communications and administration are all in place and ready to go as soon as the summer examination results day arrives.




Liverpool, UK


The Client

About the University of Liverpool

Situated on the North-West coast of England, the University of Liverpool is a connected, global university at the forefront of knowledge leadership. The campus accommodates 1,300 leading researchers, 23,000 students, 202,000 alumni in 171 countries, and 5,500 staff, and has countless partners worldwide. Every summer as the UK’s 18-year-olds receive their school or college examination results, the nation’s universities brace themselves for the influx of calls as these students establish a university place for the next stage of their education. This annual ‘clearing day’ system helps both students and universities establish who, where and which courses are in place ahead of the new academic year in the Autumn.

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The Challenge

Ensuring each staff member has call clarity and noise cancelling during annual student ‘clearing day’ with high call volumes

At the time of the clearing process in 2014 the University of Liverpool had around 70 staff handling 8,000 calls using traditional analogue headsets with monaural headbands. Soon after, clearing staff increased to around 150 agents and were moved into one office floor. The combination of tired telephony and more staff created a workplace that was far too noisy for such an intense calling process and a decision was taken to establish how to move forward and work smarter in preparation for the annual clearing day.

Poly partner, ROCOM, helped the university in establishing a roadmap with headsets and particularly focused on eliminating background noise.

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The Solution

Poly Solution: EncorePro 520 and Blackwire 325 USB

Ahead of the 2016 clearing process, the University of Liverpool received a call from Poly to really help identify the most appropriate headset solutions and a decision was made to work with EncorePro 520 binaural headsets primarily for the staff working on clearing 2016, along with Blackwire 325-M USB headsets for other staff whose jobs required more mobility and flexibility in both IT and telecommunications, and locations.


Ensuring each staff member has call clarity and noise cancelling during annual student ‘clearing day’ with high call volumes

“We had got to the point where we had to change our telephones as staff were struggling to hear callers and process students and their chosen courses quickly and efficiently, given that that was to be completed in just one day.”

Graeme Roberts, Telecommunication Manager, University of Liverpool Computing Department

The Results

The results speak for themselves

The EncorePro 520 headset is designed to be lightweight yet robust with luxurious ear cushions for comfort, which makes it ideal for all-day wear. Also, they have a QuickDisconnect feature which means users can walk away from their desks to stretch their legs, for example, with ease. Call clarity is critical in detailed discussion, so tactile and visual guidance on the headset means that the users can easily find their optimum microphone position and eliminate background noise interference, ensuring fewer missed words and no need for callers to repeat themselves. With wideband audio and SoundGuardTM technology, the headsets also deliver clearer conversations and protect users from noise spikes.

The Blackwire USB headsets are also now being used by staff who handle a mix of calls whether on-site, between sites or working from home, offering mobility and flexibility.

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