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Case Study

Orangebox redefines office collaboration with ClickShare Conference

Orangebox logo

When the company was founded in 2002, the Orangebox team was relatively small and everyone knew everyone. However over the last fifteen years, they have grown dramatically, and now number more than 450 people. This can make remaining close to all colleagues a challenge.




Cardiff, Wales


The Client

Meet Orangebox, one of the UK’s leading furniture manufacturers.

As an international company with a showroom and co-working space in the heart of London’s Design Center, Orangebox is set to revamp its office environment with more agile and flexible solutions fit for the post-pandemic collaboration needs. Looking for collaboration technology that has a small footprint, is platform agnostic, intuitive, and easy to use, and will help reduce operational costs, Orangebox chose Barco ClickShare Conference.

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The Challenge

Working smarter and more efficiently

Today, Orangebox’s 20,000 sq ft Smartworking Showroom in London serves as a co-working space for both customers and employees, which is why they needed to offer a seamless collaboration solution that is easy to set up. Orangebox was looking for a simple and flexible tool to enable hybrid working, and to allow every employee to fully participate in meetings and join the conversation, no matter where they are.

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The Solution

The solution helps give all participants an equal chance to participate in the meeting, helping to see body language, hear nuances and equally join in on the conversation. By empowering visitors and staff to connect in less than seven seconds using the ClickShare Button & App, Orangebox can now run better hybrid meetings as part of their modernised offices.

Since ClickShare Conference was installed in Orangebox’s office in 2021, users have been enjoying the same simplicity in the meeting rooms similar to a work-from-home set-up, being able to keep on using personal devices to run and wirelessly host hybrid meetings while making full use of the AV set up. 


Agnostic, wireless video conferencing

“The solution also helped bring down operation cost within 18 months and was able to help us transition to the new way of hybrid working, whilst reducing our carbon footprint”

Liz Walker, Marketing Manager at Orangebox

The Results

The results speak for themselves

Working spaces are becoming more agile and smart, catering towards the needs of the hybrid worker by reducing desk space whilst equipping the office with the latest technology solutions to drive collaboration. Today, Orangebox employees and guests don’t need to physically connect any cables to the display and AV peripherals. This aligns with the company’s belief that smart working enables their clients to work in new, more collaborative and effective ways, and can help transform both the culture and efficiency of their organizations.

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